This is a place to list P-12-oriented blogs that are worth sharing with others. Only list really good blogs (not wikis or web sites), please!

Agricultural education

Art education

Athletics / extracurricular activities

  • Outram School , New Zealand. Information and results from a wide ranging co-curricular PE/PA programme. Lots of different Web2.0 tools used too. (last updated 2009)

Business / computer science education


School counseling / college & career counseling / career education / school psychology

District Watchdog Blogs

Drama / theater education

Education policy

Elementary classroom blogs

Elementary teacher / staff blogs

English / language arts education


English as a second language (ESL) education - including blogs aimed at adult language learners

Family and consumer sciences education

General Resources

Gifted education

Library / media

  • 21st Century Librarian A middle school and high school library media specialist blogs about her work.
  • Alegri Free Photos - Collection of free Creative Commons images
  • 4 Free Photos - Over 3000 free images
  • Public Domain Images Copyright friendly images free for any use.
  • Education Technology Blog - A review of the best tools on the web that integrate technology in the K-12 classroom.
  • NeverEndingSearch by Joyce Valenza in School Library Journal
  • Tech Tips For Educators by Karen Franker at University of Wisconsin-Stout. Provides carefully-selected technology resources and tech tips of special interest to K-12 teachers and library media specialists.
  • New Trier Library by Judy Gressel & New Trier librarians - Let's begin a discussion of powerful web tools that may change the way we teach and learn.
  • Nicholas Senn H.S. Library > by H. Przybylski, teacher-librarian. Serves as webpage and blog.
  • Blue Skunk Blog Doug Johnson, district library media and technology coordinator in Minnesota and well-known speaker and library media advocate, comments on information, technology and libraries.
  • The Unquiet Librarian by Buffy Hamilton of Creekview HS in Georgia. Buffy makes great use of Web 2.0 tools throughout the library media program and blogs here.
  • TechnoTuesday by Cathy Nelson, a library media specialist from South Carolina who writes about integrating technology and her work with students and teachers.
  • Educational Technology Guy David Andrade - A physics teacher and educational technology specialist. Blog talks about some of the great free Web 2.0 resources that teachers and students can use in the classroom
  • School Library Media Activities Blog Kristin Fontichiaro, a media specialist with the Birmingham (MI) Public Schools blog about "how we can use Web 2.0 to deepen learning experiences for students" and her thoughts on the profession.
  • Gargoyles Loose in the Library From high school library media specialist Frances Jacobson in Illinois.
  • AASL Blog Official blog of the American Association of School Librarians
  • Man Cave Media Official YouTube Blog
  • Not Too Distant Future - Carolyn Foote's Blog, a media specialist in Texas
  • A blog about media resources, ideas and units from an elementary teacher in Ontario
  • Media Literacy Film, documentaries and more. From Hellen Harvey, English Department Head, Booker High, Sarasota, FL
  • Aoi's Bookroom A blog from ghostlibrarian, a K-5 librarian/media specialist chronicling her web 2.0 discovery and growth. (last updated December 2010)
  • Scrapbook Projects
  • Yeast Infection Home Remedy - Info
  • BottSpot Blog Exploring issues in education and librarianship from private school K-8 librarian.
  • Seo forum, marketing forum, adsense forum, adword forum Exploring issues in seo, marketing, adsense, adword -Online knowledge/education.
  • 100 Best Blogs for School Librarians "These 100 bloggers serve as excellent reference resources for learning about everything from library technology to young adult fiction."
  • Discover more than books with TCPS A class page full of resources, tools, and fun discussions. Feel free to add your 2 cents... or more!
  • Try Curiosity! by Sarah Ducharme, elementary school librarian at the American International School of Budapest
  • Marketing Video Library All about Online marketing. Step By Step Tutorials.
  • Lead Your Team Teambuilding Blog Insights and Information to boost staff morale and collaboration
  • Teacher Tech Talk Place to find inspiration and discussion on integrating Technology in the Classroom

Math education

More examples...

Music education


Physical / health education

Preschool / early childhood education

Principal / school blogs

(see also CASTLE's list of great blogs for busy administrators )

Science education

Secondary classroom blogs

Secondary teacher / staff blogs

  • Stearns Fatherblog (Seattle)
  • CitizenU -- AP Govt. teachers and students (Lincolnshire, IL)
  • The Scientific Shamrock - (Berrien Springs, MI) (Last updated September 2009)
  • The Open Classroom - Jo McLeay, Melbourne, Australia
  • Educational Origami - Andrew Churches, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Full of Bees
  • The Electric Educator - ""Thoughts, ideas, and comments on educational technology" by John R. Sowash , Southfield, Michigan
  • Entrepreneurial Teaching - Virginia (Last updated June 2010)
  • In For Good Meredith Stewart, North Carolina
  • Inkster Science Shared blog with updates on entire science department staff: Inkster High School, Detroit
  • Interlocked Pieces (Memphis, TN) - Wanda Terral - High School Technology Coordinator. Website shares resources of use to teachers of all subject areas as well as tech tips.
  • Larry's Opinion Drive-thru - Larry Baker, Farmington Hills, MI - 10-12 Social Studies & English teacher
  • The Science Classroom A physics teacher/technology lover who talks specifically about physics education and generally about science education, technology integration, and major education issues.
  • Educational Technology Guy David Andrade - A physics teacher and educational technology specialist. Blog talks about project based learning, educational technology, and secondary school pedagogy and includes lots of free resources.
  • Out From the Comic Shop Eric Federspiel (Chicago, IL) -- Secondary L.A. teacher who blogs about the use of comics and graphic novels in the secondary classroom. Includes tips, news, scripting resources, and reviews.
  • On the Front Line with Wine - (Bronx, NY) Second-year middle school teacher blogs out a comparison between his first and second years in a South Bronx classroom (Last updated September 2010)
  • Mrs. Gall Science A ten- year teacher keeps track of great lessons, photos, and fractal art and curriculum on this often- updated site.
  • Mr. EduHowto - Helping secondary educators find ways to incorporate technology into their classrooms.
  • The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness - This is a blog dedicated to integrating technology in the classroom. Sometimes it is Web 2.0, sometimes it is technology equipment, sometimes it is articles, thoughts, and ideas. See for yourself.
  • The Superior Educator-Blog Covering topics in education, music, design and technology by Stephen T. McClard

Set up an education blog

Social studies education

Special education

Superintendent / school district / central office blogs

Vocational Education

Vocational / applied / industrial technology education

World languages education

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