This page and attachments are for after you have discovered all these WONDERFUL 2.0 tools, and want to use them in your classroom, and then you run into the wall of CIPA. That great site you want to use at your site is blocked. The computers in your room one year, disappear over the summer. The computer lab is set up only for testing drill. What do you do? Who do you call? How to you change minds? Add your case study here:

Sherry's problem
My outline of how to make the case
An earlier post on my blog about filters
And some great advice for how filters should work from Doug Johnson
Here is a great post from Miguel Guhlin on how to approach blockage issues in your district
Listen to this great interview discussing strategy in moving opinion and what are the parts of a good advocacy campaign
One frustrated teacher's attempt to make the AUP of tomorrow.Part I & Part II
Scott McLeod on bringing your administrator to Web 2.0
Alice Mercer's response to Scott challenge:

Nice post from Instructify on advocating tech policy