This page contains resources for administrators.

What are some things that administrators can do to get started?
  • Recognize that the world is changing. Watch some of the presentations and look over some of the readings on this wiki.
  • Begin talking to people. Initiate conversations with internal and external stakeholders. Include students.
    • What are the skills that kids need to survive and thrive in a technology-suffused, globally-interconnected world?
    • What should schools be doing to prepare kids for their future?
    • How can schools simultaneously balance surviving in today’s accountability climate with the long-term goal of preparing kids for the world in which they’re going to live and work?
    • What learning needs do our teachers, administrators, and professional staff have? How will we address those?
    • What are our beliefs about effective pedagogy for 21st century learning?
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  • Start figuring out what you personally need to do to become a more effective leader in this area.
* Try out a new technology. Leverage the power of a new communication tool such as blogs or podcasts. Sign up for a account.
  • Evangelize. Sell the new story. Talk about the new economy and the demands of the new workforce. Publicize the empowering capabilities of new technologies. Help people realize that shifts are needed.
  • How to improve teaching and student achievement through a rapid turnaround strategy
  • Support teachers to use technology to develop data-driven lessons, formative and summative assessments, and act on results