This page contains information about 21st century skills. No Way!

What are 21st century skills?

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  • Problem solving
  • Synthesizing across content areas
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Search strategies
  • Information credibility
  • Dealing with information overload
  • How to write for an online, rather than print, environment
  • Computerized presentation skills
  • Workspace ergonomics
  • Basic debugging
  • Basic understanding of usability concepts
  • Reflection
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Authentic Learning

Envisioning the 21st Century Teacher

Emerging Role of the 21st Century Teacher by Nicholas Hobar

Teaching and Learning at the Speed of Light

Authentic Learning

List of skills categorized
Ways of Thinking
1. Creativity and innovation
2. Critical thinking, problem solving, decision making
3. Learning to learn, Metacognition
Ways of Working
4. Communication
5. Collaboration (teamwork)
Tools for Working
6. Information literacy
7. ICT literacy
Living in the World
8. Citizenship – local and global
9. Life and career
10. Personal & social responsibility – including cultural awareness and competence