This page contains resources for parents and community members.

What are some things that parents and community members can do to get started?

Showcase Examplary Student Work and Projects

Parents and community members need to see positive and constructive examples of student media use as well as read/write web (user created content) websites. The impact of these experiences is greatest if parents and community members can see examples of media and websites created by THEIR OWN students, but seeing the work of students from other places can also be constructive. A key goal is sharing media examples, lessons, and projects which serve as CATALYSTS for further conversations among educational stakeholders. The media is guaranteed to highlight the negative, destructive side of student media and Internet use. As educational leaders, it is up to use to raise awareness for parents and other community members about the positive, constructive ways students are using media to share ideas and collaborate with others.

Media Festival Participation

Sponsor, promote and support local student participation in media festivals.